Development of e-learning systems and programs of the Ministry of justice and public administration

Together with Cognita, Dekod established an e-learning system of the Ministry of Justice and Public Administration. The project resulted in high-quality and interactive e-learning programs, aligned with the level of education for which officials take the state exam. The project ensured the availability of the e-learning program to all students who are required to take the state exam.

E-education or e-learning – preparation for taking the state exam provides participants with interactive learning, provides basic information about the content and method of taking the state exam, provides interactive learning related to the content of the exam subject (with specific examples of regulations/literature, etc., multimedia contents, exercises/assignments, etc.), enables the evaluation or checking of the knowledge of the participants after each part of the program and enables the evaluation of the program by the participants, in order to ensure the continuous improvement of the training program. The program is designed for participants who are required to take the Level I exam, and especially for participants who are required to take the Level II exam.

The e-learning information system is connected to the Register of Public Sector Employees and enables the application of officials who are required to take the state exam to the e-learning program by the competent authority and attendance of the e-learning program for a particular level of the state exam by the registered officials.

The e-learning system also provides administration by Ministry of Justice and Public Administration, i.e. monitoring of program attendance and reporting on various aspects of program implementation and attendance, as well as the possibility of subsequent updating of programs or materials, for example, changes in legal sources or literature, or the addition of new programs.