The e-learning system of the Judicial Academy

Together with Cognita, Dekod established the e-learning system of the Judicial Academy, which replaced the current solution for user training and is connected to the existing website of the Judicial Academy, which together forms a complete information system for e-learning.

Officials of the Judicial Academy can monitor the entire education process through the information system. Access to the information system is provided to the officials of the Judicial Academy, education managers and participants with specific roles defined through data access levels. Officials of the Judicial Academy can edit code books, manage education processes, activities, projects, create and edit courses with associated teaching materials, manage Moodle platform settings and keep records of communication with participants. Education managers have insight into the activities assigned to them, insight into and possibility to change educational materials to activities, access to the Moodle platform to manage educational content, the ability to contact participants via e-mail, creation of signature lists, attendance lists and lists of registered persons, attendance records. The participant has insight into educational activities, educational materials, access to the Moodle platform, access to the evaluation functionality of the activity to which the participant is affiliated, insight into internal system notifications published by the user on the Judicial Academy page.