Creating an educational platform – Croatian Medical Chamber

Dekod team in cooperation with Cognita d.o.o. designed and created an educational platform system as part of the Croatian Medical Chamber project, which was co-financed by the European Union.

The system was developed within the project “Continuous professional development of general/family medicine doctors”. This project greatly facilitates access to educational content in a completely new and accessible way; therefore it does not require previous IT literacy of the user. Also, along with access to the platform, users receive a user manual for using it, and 4 content manuals, in order to bring the e-Learning experience even closer to users.

Among other things, the platform enables:

  • Overview of several types of lectures arranged by modules (areas of medicine)
  • Registration for three-day live workshops to acquire practical knowledge and skills on advanced simulators

Education as part of the project is intended for doctors of general and family medicine. The aim of the Chamber is to improve the level of knowledge, skills and competences of general and family medicine doctors so that they can be more successful and efficient in their work with patients, and the task of Dekod and its partners is to maintain the system at a quality level until further notice so that our users have the best possible experience and easier access to information.