About Dekod

Dekod is a leading Croatian ticketing organization with a rich twenty-year history and the most widespread and diverse user structure in the region. The key points of the company history have been reduced to some important dates, but the story is incomparably richer…


Our www.ulaznice.hr portal launches its own system named Paganini for ticket sales for all kinds of events. In 2001, Paganini was declared the world’s best development project by one of the largest global IT companies – Oracle. Today, Paganini offers a ticket service for various types of events, from sports through music and theater to conferences as well as tickets for museums, cablecars, city walls, etc.


Dekod’s mission in the ticketing field is to offer a complete service while providing the maximum:

  • in ticket availabililty to the customer through a wide variety of sales channels – locally, online, via mobile devices, through a network of retail outlets
  • in flexibility for the event promoter – a tailor-made solution for all kinds of events, venues, price policies…
  • in complete control and reporting insight into the sales process
  • in communication to the venues where the events take place – for the purpose of security and access control
  • in strong technical support – via Dekod’s internet center, securely connected to payment gateways