A wonderful story – How did the Dubrovnik cable car become an example of attractiveness and efficiency

Excelsa, Dubrovnik cable car owner and Dekod collaborate on the project of lining up the Paganini system for the sale of tickets and control of the entry of visitors to the lower and upper station of the cars, as of April 2012.

The cable car was opened in 2011 and during the construction the ticket sales system was delivered to cashiers. The system failed to meet all customer requirements and needed to be modified and upgraded with additional cash registers located at the offices of tourist agencies in the vicinity. It was also necessary to change the complete access control at the upper and lower lifts. The cable car did not have a developed online ticket sales system as well as sales through Dubrovnik’s travel agencies and a sales chains.

Excelsa entrusted the business of designing, building and maintaining a system of local ticket sales and entry control to Dekod. The system was installed on March 28 of 2012 and after two days test, it was put into full production on April 1st 2012.

Shortly after the launch of the system, two travel agencies in vicinity of the cable car were involved as local ticket offices. Adding to that, Internet ticket sales from the www.ulaznice.hr portal and www.dubrovnikcablecar.com portal were implemented. Additionally, the sales network in agencies and hotels (+100 ) of ulaznica.hr system with 20+ sales outlets in Dubrovnik were also included. Among the point of sale posts we can especially highlight the souvenir shop of the Dubravka restaurant on Ploče, and the Dubravka souvenir shop on the upper cable car station.